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Emirates Printing Press Ajman

Company Profile

Emirates Printing Press LLC, Ajman has a long legacy in the area of printing. Established in the year of 1988, it has been more than 25 successful years in business now. Within so many years, Emirates Printing didnít grow to be one of the top printing presses in the UAE in terms of business volume or floor space. But it has grown to be one of the most trusted and reliable service providers for some of the blue-chip companies in UAE and in the Gulf region. Emirates Printing Press witnessed consistent slow growth and was never affected by economic slow downs or industry turmoil. This was the effect of strict financial planning, controlled over heads, identified sure opportunities and studied investments among a number of other factors.

Emirates Printing Press stress the importance of customer happiness, vendor satisfaction, employee well being and investor benefit. Emirates Printing Press pursue the effort of strengthening these four pillars as it considers them as the base of its core existence. And itís this realization that helped Emirates Printing Press to be one of the most sought after printing press for clients, job hunters and vendors.

Located in the New Industrial Area of Ajman, Emirates Printing Press currently employs 60+ well-trained technical and administrative staff. Emirates Printing Press has earned a good reputation in promptness, product quality and pricing standards and has delivered the very best to its customers. Emirates Printing Press sees itself as a part of the broader enterprise and looks to develop long-term mutually beneficial business relationship with its clients, staff, vendors and share holders.



Did you know?

Emirates Printing Press is one of the very few printing presses that has ISO Certification. EPP is ISO certified since 2001.